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"If design isn’t profitable, then it’s art."
- Henrik Fiskar
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Welcome to Turtleboy Productions

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At Turtleboy Productions, we believe branding is the key component to a successful marketing campaign. If a prospect can’t remember your brand, then why market your product or service. Turtleboy develops unique brands that connect with people.
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Successful print design will communicate your brand, present originality and highlight information that will guide your prospect to react. Turtleboy Productions is able to successfully create a unified marketing strategy that integrates print with all other medias.
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When presenting your presence digitally to your clients, all initiatives should include your unique brand and create functional ways that translate a digital image into a company’s success. Turtleboy Productions implements strategies taking into account the end results.

A Little Bit About Ourself...


Turtleboy Productions is an advertising agency based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and specializes in branding, advertising and web development. Turtleboy Productions is fueled with over 25 years of combined experience. We have a tenacious passion for creating highly successful work that brings a substantial ROI to our clients.


Advertising is more than just a job for everyone at Turtleboy Productions, it's a way of life. The average person sees over 240 advertisements in a single day. We, at Turtleboy Productions, view ads with a critical eye, paying attention to what does and does not work. The new age of advertising is more than simply running a print ad in the local newspaper. We now need to create a fully integrated marketing plan that builds brand awareness and brand loyalty for your company.


Let us work on your next campaign. Contact us today.

The Turtleboy Way


Here at Turtleboy Productions we are not concerned about how many awards we have sitting on a shelf. The goal is simple, produce great work that brings results.
End of story.


Our working philosophy is work hard, create great work and make clients happy.


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